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We have meetings on the second Thursday of every month.

Each meeting start with a short introduction and Q & A session, where we'll have chapter news and may also have job announcements.  The normal schedule for each meeting is:

6:00 - 6:10    General Introduction, announcements and general Q & A
6:10 - 7:30    Main presentation (90-minute presentations will run until 8:00)
   Question and answer session to follow

Thanks to the help of some really amazing speakers, we have 2019 lined up with some great topics.  Special thanks go out to the wonderful folks at Pet Supplies Plus Corporate Headquarters in Livonia, Michigan.  They've given us a home since December 2017.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is on 11/14/2019. Reservations can be made on the Eventbrite page.

Hierarchies on Steroids
Hierarchical data sets are everywhere. If you haven't worked with one yet, you probably will someday. If you're already working with them, you know they can be horribly complex, slow performing, difficult to maintain resource hogs that can really take the steam out of any GUI or batch process.

This simple but code intensive "Black Arts" session shows you how to quickly and easily get around all of that using all 3 common hierarchical structures and includes a very high performance method (100,000 nodes in less than 4 seconds and 1 Million nodes in less than a minute) for converting Adjacency Lists to Nested Sets that even a beginner can understand

If there's time, we'll cover a new "pre-aggregated" Hierarchical table structure that answers most of the questions you'd ask of a Hierarchy. You just have to know that a Tally Table is involved somewhere in this. ;-)

Don't let the "Intermediate" rating of this session scare you beginners away because we start at the ground floor.

Speaker Bio: Jeff Moden
With more than 50,000 posts and 3 dozen mostly 5 star articles, Jeff Moden is the leading forum poster and a strong contributor on SQLServerCentral.com where he coined the term “RBAR” (Row By Agonizing Row) and helped make the "Tally Table" a household name. Jeff has more than 2 decades of experience with SQL Server and is mostly self-trained in what he calls the “Black Arts” of T-SQL. He’s known worldwide for his informative articles, high performance T-SQL coding methods, and methods of mentoring. His dedication to helping others earned him the MS SQL Server MVP award for nine years and the RedGate Exceptional DBA Award in 2011. His mantra is "Performance is in the code".

Contact Info

Please send any questions, concerns, etc to sqlpassindetroit@gmail.com.
Please note that our old email address (detroit@pass.org) is no longer active because PASS is no longer providing Office 365 accounts to chapters.

If you have any questions about the group please drop us a line. If you're interested in speaking we're especially interested to hear from you.

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