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November 2017

Winning with Columnstore - A Customer Story
This session will feature a real story of a customer who was running into performance and scaling issues on a big iron Oracle RAC system and why they decided to consider the magic of the Column Store for this situation. Discussion will focus on the existing environments for testing both SQL 2016 and Oracle as well as the methodologies used for testing. We will examine the decisions made for choosing indexes (both traditional and column store) for the main tables in the data warehouse as well as the partitioning strategies employed. We will wrap up the discussion with the results of the testing and where they are now.

Speaker Bio: Rick Heiges
Rick is a Data Platfrom MVP (2007-2017) and Principal Solutions Architect for DB Best where he focuses on working with customers on their data platform needs. His career includes work as a DBA, University full-time faculty member, Systems Analyst, Project Leader, and Developer. He has found his passion in working with data and the community. Rick served nine years on the PASS Board of Directors and spearheaded the popular 24 Hours of PASS event. He also started his local User Group in 2002.

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December 2017

Crosstabs and Pivots - High Performance Reporting
Don't let the "Intermediate" rating of this session scare you beginners away because we start at the ground floor and work our way up to some very high performance code. Even if you already know how to use PIVOT or CROSS TABs, you won’t want to miss this one.

This session covers and compares the PIVOT operator to an ancient but very high performance pivoting method known as CROSS TABs. Single and double column pivots will be covered and the "secret" to quickly making CROSS TABs is “Copy’n’Paste” easy. We’ll also introduce a couple of “Black Arts” techniques called “Pre-Aggregation” and “Divide’n’Conquer” to build a quarterly report for 1 year from 10 years and 10 MILLION rows of data in just half a second.

We’ll also discover that you can very quickly format reports as pretty as you’ll see in SSRS without using SSRS as well as a ton of ancillary learning throughout the presentation.

Speaker Bio: Jeff Moden
Senior Database Administrator and SQL Mentor, Proctor Financial, Inc., Troy, Mi, USA
VP of the “SPID” (SQL People In Detroit) SQL Server User Group, Livonia, MI 48152

With more than 45,000 posts, 3 dozen 5 star articles and 430 thousand “likes”, Jeff Moden is a strong contributor on SQLServerCentral.com where he coined the term “RBAR” (Row By Agonizing Row). Jeff has more than 2 decades of experience with SQL Server and is mostly self-trained in what he calls the “Black Arts” of T-SQL. He’s known worldwide for his informative articles, high performance T-SQL coding methods, and methods of mentoring. His dedication to helping others earned him the MS SQL Server MVP award for nine years and the RedGate Exceptional DBA Award in 2011. His mantra is "Performance is in the code".

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