SQL PASS Detroit

February 2011

Lightning Talks

Several speakers presented short, focused topics.

Speaker Bio
Joseph Fleming, Jeffrey Moden, Andrew Flint, Tomy George, Rick Brewis and Tom Groszko.

Presentations (.zip 2 MB)

March 2011

Pragmatic Works

The recording for this presentation is not available because of technical difficulties. Similar presentations are available from Pragmatic works at http://pragmaticworks.com/Resources/webinars/PastWebinar.aspx.

May 2011

Set based Tips 'n Tricks

Set-based tips and tricks.

Speaker Bio
Jeff Moden

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Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt 106 KB)

June 2011

SQL Azure

Relational database built for the cloud.

Speaker Bio
Jeff Nuckolls, Windows Azure Platform Solution Specialist

Livemeeting (.zip 29 MB)
Windows Media File (.zip 23 MB)

August 2011

SQL Server Maintenance

Day to day maintenance operations in 24x7 SaaS SQL Server Shop.

Speaker Bio
Drew Flint

Livemeeting (.zip 13 MB)
Windows Media File (.zip 16 MB)
Powerpoint Presentation (.pptx 395 KB)

September 2011

SQL Server Denali

SQL Server Denali.

Speaker Bio
Rick Brewis and Sam Istephan

Livemeeting (.zip 28 MB)
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Code (.zip 2 KB)

November 2011

Visual Studio Management of SQL Server

Visual Studio provides a set of integrated tools that assist developers in managing and deploying SQL Server database objects.
In this session, you will learn about the following tools:

* Database Projects
* Schema Compare Tool
* Data Compare Tool
* Database Unit Tests

Speaker Bio
David Giard

Livemeeting (.zip 38 MB)
Windows Media File (.zip 34 MB)
Powerpoint Presentation (.pptx 2 MB)

December 2011

Gather SQL Server Performance Data with Powershell

Establishing a performance baseline with Powershell.

Speaker Bio
Allen is a Practice Manager for Upsearch Technology Services in Northeast Ohio. He's spent over 35 years in IT and has been using SQL Server since 1992 and is certified MCITP in SQL Server and MCT. Allen has been awarded Microsoft’s MVP Award for the last five years. He's President of the Ohio North SQL Server User's Group and contributes in the MSDN Forums, answering questions about SMO and PowerShell, and maintains a blog at http://sqlblog.com/blogs/allen_white/default.aspx.

The presentation for this meeting is not available. The free book that was mentioned can be found at http://powershell.com/cs/. The book is among the free downloads along the right side of the page.
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