SQL PASS Detroit

Chapter Charter

The purpose of this chapter is to serve the community of SQL Server professionals in the Metro Detroit area by providing a forum for education, professional development, collaboration, continuous learning and networking. In support of this purpose, SQL PASS in Detroit has the following goals:

  1. Promote the use of SQL Server as a database platform.
  2. Conduct regular meetings and host presentations related to SQL Server, ranging in complexity from beginner to advanced.
  3. Advance and promote the effective utilization of SQL Server by promoting a free exchange of information concerning use and implementation.
  4. Promote excellence in data processing.
  5. Encourage development of local speakers in qualified areas of expertise.
  6. Encourage participation of members in the SQL Server community, locally and at the regional and national levels.
  7. Encourage the development of SQL Server compatible products.
  8. Perform other activities as necessary to carry out the mission as determined by the Board of Directors and PASS guidelines.
There are no membership dues and the monthly meetings are free.
The chapter is a volunteer organization and volunteering is encouraged by all.


The chapter is run by a board of directors. The current board is:

President Ed Wagner
Vice President Jeff Moden
Treasurer John Hurtubise

Officer Roles

  • Work with PASS in an official capacity
  • Be the principle executive officer of the chapter and board
  • Preside over board and chapter meetings
  • Conduct votes of the board and vote only to break ties
  • Call special meetings of the board or chapter as necessary
  • Appoint committees and chairpersons
  • Validate that any elections are held in a fair manner
  • Practice servant leadership in assisting everyone else with their responsibilities
Vice President
  • Act with the full authority of the president in their absence
  • Assume the presidency if the president is incapacitated
Director of Membership
  • Promote the group
  • Help new members sign up and join the group
  • Coordinate the social media presence (Meetup, Facebook, LinkedIn, Eventbrite, etc.)
All Board Members
  • Maintain the chapter website
  • Help recruit speakers, sponsors and volunteers
  • Promote the group at PASS functions
  • Conduct an annual review of the books to ensure everything is in order
  • Accept guidance and tasks as advised by the president


We're a local chapter of the Professional Association for SQL Server, a world-wide SQL Server Users Group. PASS holds a Summit every year. Local chapters hold regional SQLSaturday events throughout the year all over the world.  Local chapters hold meetings throughout the year.
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