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We have meetings on the second Thursday of every month.

Each meeting start with a short introduction and Q & A session, where we'll have chapter news and may also have job announcements.  The normal schedule for each meeting is:

6:00 - 6:30 - General Q & A and Announcements
6:30 - 7:30 - Presentation (90-minute presentations will run until 8:00)
7:30 - 8:00 - Question & Answer Session

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Thanks to the help of some great speakers, we have speakers on some great topics lined up for all but 3 of the 2018 meetings and we're working on those!  Special thanks go out to the wonderful folks at Pet Supplies Plus Corporate Headquarters in Livonia, Michigan, we have a new home for all of 2018.

Also, our Chapter President, Ed Wagner, worked with the wonderful folks at PASS and has been able to restore all previous meeting archives!

Next Meeting

The April meeting is on 5/10/2018.  Please make your FREE reservations for the meeting at EventBriteThe meeting location is included on the EventBrite reservation page.

Black Arts Index Maintenance

The most common reasons to do Index Maintenance are to defragment indexes to ensure that they continue to provide good performance and to control how much space they occupy both on disk and in memory.

Ironically, thousands, perhaps even millions of people are unwittingly destroying the full potential of their indexes and are actually injecting guaranteed performance and space usage problems into their indexes by using current, widely-accepted “Best Practice” Index Maintenance methods. To top off the atrocities, all of this results in hundreds of thousands of totally unnecessary log file entries, slowing performance even more.

In this SQL “Black Arts” session, Jeff Moden graphically demonstrates why and how current “Best Practice” Index Maintenance methods are causing all of those performance problems and two very simple methods to “auto-magically” fix those problems (including automatic adaptive Fill Factor determination) and virtually eliminate all bad page splits in the process.

Speaker Bio: Jeff Moden
Senior Database Administrator and SQL Mentor, Proctor Financial, Inc., Troy, Mi, USA
VP of the SPID (SQL PASS In Detroit) SQL Server User Group, Livonia, MI 48152

With more than 45,000 posts, 3 dozen 5 star articles and 430 thousand likes, Jeff Moden is a strong contributor on SQLServerCentral.com where he coined the term RBAR (Row By Agonizing Row). Jeff has more than 2 decades of experience with SQL Server and is mostly self-trained in what he calls the Black Arts of T-SQL. He’s known worldwide for his informative articles, high performance T-SQL coding methods, and methods of mentoring. His dedication to helping others earned him the MS SQL Server MVP award for nine years and the RedGate Exceptional DBA Award in 2011. His mantra is "Performance is in the code".

Contact Info

Please send any questions, concerns, etc to detroit@pass.org.

If you have any questions about the group please drop us a line. If you're interested in speaking we're especially interested to hear from you.

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